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Efficient and straightforward management of permissions is essential in a growing business. Easy assignment of a particular user to a group for quick access, or to remove access, to resources is a must in every case.

The OTOBO interface provides you both with the possibility to manage an agent’s access to one or more particular groups. As well, you can change multiple users access to any one group, efficiently and elegantly.

Use this screen to add one or more agents to one or more groups. To use this function, at least one agent and one group need to have been added to the system. The management screen is available in the Agents ↔ Groups module of the Users, Groups & Roles group.

Manage Agent-Group Relations

Manage Agent-Group Relations

Manage Agents ↔ Groups Relations

To assign some groups to an agent:

  1. Click on an agent in the Agents column.
  2. Select the permissions you would like to connect the agent to groups with.
  3. Click on the Save or Save and finish button.
Change Group Relations for Agent

Change Group Relations for Agent

To assign some agents to a group:

  1. Click on a group in the Groups column.
  2. Select the permissions you would like to connect the group to agents with.
  3. Click on the Save or Save and finish button.
Change Agent Relations for Group

Change Agent Relations for Group


If several agents or groups are added to the system, use the filter box to find a particular agent or group by just typing the name to filter.

Multiple agents or groups can be assigned in both screens at the same time. Additionally clicking on an agent or clicking on a group in the relations screen will open the Edit Agent screen or the Edit Group screen accordingly.


Accessing an agent or a group provides no back link to the relations screen.

Agents ↔ Groups Relations Reference

When assigning an agent to a group or vice versa, several permissions can be set as connection between an agent and a group. The following permissions are available by default:

Read only access to the ticket in this group/queue.
Permissions to move tickets into this group/queue.
Permissions to create tickets in this group/queue.
Permissions to add notes to tickets in this group/queue.
Permissions to change the owner of tickets in this group/queue.
Permissions to change the ticket priority in this group/queue.
Agents have full rights for a chat and can accept chat requests.
Agents may normally participate in a chat.
Agents may take part silently in a chat.
Full read and write access to the tickets in this group/queue.

See also

Not all available permissions are shown by default. See System::Permission setting for permissions that can be added. These additional permissions can be added:

Gives access to the stats page.
Permissions to bounce an email message (with bounce button in Ticket Zoom screen).
Permissions to compose an answer for a ticket.
Permissions to change the customer of a ticket.
Permissions to forward a message (with the forward button).
Permissions to set a ticket to pending.
Permissions to add a phone call to a ticket.
Permissions to change the responsible agent for a ticket.


By setting a checkbox in the header of a column will set all the checkboxes in the selected column. By setting the checkbox in the last rw column will set all the checkboxes in the selected row.