Sending Contributions

The source code of OTOBO and additional modules can be found on GitHub. From there you can get to the listing of all available repositories. It also describes the currently active branches and where contributions should go to (stable vs. development branches).

It is highly recommended that you use the OTOBO code quality checker OTOBOCodePolicy as described in the Useful Tools even before sending in your contributions. If your code does not validate against this tool, it will likely not be accepted.

The easiest way to send your contributions to the OTOBO developer’s team is by creating a pull request in GitHub. Please take a look at the instructions on GitHub, specifically about forking a repository and sending pull requests.

The basic workflow would look like this:

  1. Register at GitHub, if you have no account yet.
  2. Fork the repository you want to contribute to, and checkout the branch that the changes should go in.
  3. Create a new development branch for your fix/feature/contribution, based on the current branch.
  4. After you finished your changes and committed them, push your branch to GitHub.
  5. Create a pull request. The OTOBO dev team will be notified about this, check your pull request and either merge it or give you some feedback about possible improvements.

It might sound complicated, but once you have this workflow set up you’ll see that making contributions is extremely easy.