The translations are contributed and maintained mainly by OTOBO users, so your help is needed.

All translations of the OTOBO GUI, the public extension modules and the documentations are managed using Weblate.

To contribute to translations:

  1. Sign up for a free translator account on Weblate.
  2. Select a translation component and your language for translation.
  3. Start updating your translation. No additional software or files required.


If your language is not listed in the dashboard, you can request a language. After it is approved, you can start translating.

In OTOBO 10 the documentations are available in reStructuredText format. Be careful not to break the structure while translating the documentation.

See also

You can find some examples in the Documentation chapter.

The OTOBO developers will download the translations from time to time into the OTOBO source code repositories, you don’t have to submit them anywhere.