New Phone TicketΒΆ

Use this screen to create tickets based on phone calls. The phone ticket screen is available in the New Phone Ticket menu item of the Tickets menu.

New Phone Ticket Screen

New Phone Ticket Screen

The following settings are available when adding this resource. The fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory.

Customer user *

The person, to whom the ticket is created for.


Usage of wildcards (*) is also possible. Enter two asterisks (**) to list all customer users.

To queue *
The queue, where the new ticket will be placed to.

The service category of this ticket.

See also

This field is available if Ticket::Service is enabled.

Service Level Agreement
Select one of the Service Level Agreements if available.

The owner is an agent, who actually works with the new ticket.

See also

Enable Ticket::Responsible setting to set an other agent as responsible for the ticket.

Select an agent responsible for the ticket.
Subject *
The subject of the ticket like the subject of an email.
This might be helpful

This field is not visible by default, but it displays related FAQ articles based on the keywords entered in the Subject and/or the Text fields. Clicking on a FAQ article opens the FAQ Zoom screen.

The related FAQ articles are displayed as the agent types, so the list of suggested FAQ articles is updated after any word typed into the Subject and/or the Text fields. The suggested FAQ articles are sorted based on the number of matched keywords.

It is possible to add other objects like customer users or FAQ articles to the ticket.
Text *
The body text of the first article of the ticket.
It is possible to add attachments to the ticket. Click on the field to add an attachment, or just drop some files here.
Next ticket state
New tickets are in open state by default. Select an other state if you want to change it.
Pending date
Select a date and time as reminder for the ticket. If the pending time is reached, the ticket can be escalated.
New tickets have 3 normal priority by default. Select an other priority if you want to change it.
Time units (work units)
Enter any amount of time units for time accounting.

After all information is collected and set, click on the Create button to create the new ticket.